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P.A.L and P.O.L

Firearms and Ammunition can only be sold to customers with a valid P.A.L or P.O.L. We can sell non-restricted and restricted firearms to residents of Canada with the valid license class for the particular firearm that they wish to purchase. The information about your P.A.L. or P.O.L. will need to be filled in on the check out page when you complete your purchase.

Westside Stores will contact the Canadian Firearms Office (CFO) and verify all licenses to be sure that they are valid and that the information given is accurate. This validation is to ensure that we protect our customers from fraud and we do our due diligence in accordance with the law.

*NOTE* Every P.A.L. and P.O.L. has an expiration date printed on the front of the card. Please check your license on a regular basis because they will expire and become invalid. If your license has expired please visit this web link or call 1-800-731-4000.

Possession Acquisition License (P.A.L.) will allow customers to purchase a firearm in the classification that they are licensed for. The back of each P.A.L will state Restricted and or Non-Restricted.  If you wish to purchase Non-Restricted firearms, your license must state Non-Restricted on the back.

Possession Only License (P.O.L.) will only allow a customer to purchase ammunition and poses their current firearms. 

Non-restricted firearms can be shipped anywhere in Canada and will be shipped so that the customer will have to provide ID and signature upon delivery.

Ammunition and reloading components such as powder and primers cannot be shipped at this moment.