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Rack Stacker Food Plot Field Edge, Winter Grub

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The cutting edge sweetness of the Brassica plants used in Field Edge, attracts whitetails throughout the cold and winter months.These plants are perfect for a late season hunting stand. Now includes Canola! Field Edge is a fall planting mix but we encourage you to utilize it as an over seed for existing food plots throughout the year. These plants will flourish right into November.

This mix is Canada’s #1 late season hunting forage. If you're looking to attract deer and hunt them this fall then you need to break some ground and plant Field Edge. You’ll want to plant enough because once they find it they won’t stay out until its gone.

Fall – Mid July thru September for a late season hunting stand

There is absolutely NO maintenance with Field Edge. It is a 100% annual mix that will not reseed or return the following year. NO mowing is required.

2.5lbs covers approximately 14,500 sq. ft. or a one-third acre.

Perfect for hand broadcasting into existing corn and soybean fields.