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Flextone Turkey Man Series, Ol'Faithful

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Glass pot calls capture crisp, distinct turkey calls with impressive volume. The Ol' Faithful Glass does all that and then some. A soundboard and magnum wood striker sweeten the deal with maximum control and balance for soft purrs, clucks and yelps. Every call is hand-tuned before it leaves our doors, and you'll keep hitting the sweet spot just right with an included conditioning screen and sandpaper. The finishing touch: a custom cherry pot gives a premium finish that looks as good as it sounds.

The "Turkey Man Series" Ol'Faithful Glass Turkey call is built on a custom, hand-tuned cherry pot for optimum sound and resonance. The glass striking surface is placed over a wooden soundboard to easily create the extreme volume needed to fire up distant gobblers with aggressive cutting and yelping or for hunting in windy conditions. The included Magnum Hickory Striker is perfectly balanced so the call will break over just right every time, and is heavy enough to produce maximum volume when required. Super abrasive screen and sandpaper is included to keep the glass surface and striker tip in top condition.